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This concept is for people who want the freedom to tailor their system to their personal training needs or progress along the way. With PTP PowerTubes available in no less than 6 different resistance levels and with numerous possible resistance combinations, there’s an option for everyone. PowerTubes are compatible with our Power Handles, Ankle Straps, Door achor and Outdoor Anchor. Featuring heavy-duty metal clips and our ground-breaking I.C.T. (Inner Cord Technology) against overstretching, the PowerTubes will help you train with convenience and peace of mind. If you're looking for the complete package, check out our value pack - the Total Resistance System 

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Thoroughly tested, PTP tubing is dependable and designed for maximum functionality. Far exceeding industry standards, our tubing is engineered through a continuous layering process, which makes it perform better and last longer. This also means your PowerTubes will provide a smooth elasticity and, at the same time, be less likely to completely tear in one go. 

Side Note: If unsure about the level of resistance that best suits you, we recommend you start with a low level of resistance to prevent unnecessary strain/injury.

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PTP Outdoor Anchor (Build your Own System) PTP Outdoor Anchor (Build your Own System) secundary

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