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A revolution in Calisthenics, the PTP SuperBands allow you to perform chin-ups, pull-ups, dips and muscle-ups for the very first time, or master your technique. Whether you're a complete beginner who need maximum assistance to lift your own body weight or an athlete with existing upper body strength who wishes to perform more reps, you will be able to find the right level of leverage with 5 different colour-coded and weight-rated thicknesses on offer. A thick SuperBand will suit heavy individuals/beginners who require a great amount of assistance and lift to go up the pull-up bar, while a thin SuperBand will prove useful to people who can already perform muscle-ups. Our SuperBands are manufactured through a continuous layering process, which produces the best quality of latex and ensures optimal durability and safety.

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Despite the primary purpose of SuperBands being to provide leverage during pull-ups, chin-ups and dips, they can also be used for explosive training (to improve both your strength and speed). If you decide to use your SuperBand to run against the resistance, the ticker the SuperBand, the greater the challenge. As you progress and feel stronger, move to the next thicker SuperBand to keep challenging yourself.

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PTP SuperBand Red Light PTP SuperBand Red Light secundary

SuperBand Light (Red)


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PTP SuperBand Blue Medium PTP SuperBand Blue Medium secundary

SuperBand Medium (Blue)


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