Ice + Stretch 2 Unit Pack

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STRETCH & RECOVER 2-IN-1 FLEXIBILITY AND COLD MASSAGE SOLUTION. Improve upper and lower body flexibility and also prevent muscle & joint stiffness with frictionless cold massage that activates blood circulation and boosts recovery.


SAFE ASSISTED STRETCHING: Perfect for active recovery post-workout, the PTP FlexiBand allows you to improve both your upper and lower body flexibility. In addition, it lets you control the amount of stretch to prevent you from extending past the natural range of motion of your joints.

HOW DOES IT WORK: After intense workouts, muscles tend to shorten, which can lead to tightness, joint stiffness and cramping. By providing leverage and resistance at the same time, the FlexiBand enables you to perform greater stretches and helps you hold stretched positions without excessive strain.

- High-Performance Fabric Hybrid Blend
- Recommended for individuals < 165cm / 5'4 - 190cm / 6'2 >
- User-friendly poster to maximise results
- Length: 92cm | 36.22"


COLD THERAPY OR MASSAGE: The Ice Ball is designed to provide long-lasting cooling without melting. Use it frozen for instant acute pain relief and swelling reduction. Or use it unfrozen for a frictionless massage that activates blood circulation and boosts recovery.

SMART DESIGN & VERSATILITY: The unique finger groove design of the protective cover allows for a comfortable grip and prevents fingers from getting cold. The removable steel ball can be used on its own to easily self-massage those hard-to-reach problem areas.

- 2-IN-1 Muscle Treatment: Frozen / Room Temp
- Easy access removable steel ball with insulating gel for prolonged cooling
- User-friendly poster to maximise results
- Steel Ball Diameter: 5.4cm | 2.12"
- Base Diameter: 7.5cm | 2.95"


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Ice + Stretch 2 Unit Pack
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