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Ergonomically designed to contour the spine anatomy, the PTP Track Ball will help you perform the SMR (Self-Myofascial Release) technique to relieve muscle tension and stiffness in your back and neck. The unique shape featuring a recessed mid-section prevents direct contact with bones, thus respecting the natural skeletal alignment of the spine. By effectively accessing soft tissue restrictions and activating blood and nutrient flow, the Track Ball can alleviate recurring back and neck pain and speed up recovery. To self-massage, you can either lie down on the floor or simply lean against a wall, placing the Track Ball horizonatlly across your back and moving up and down alongside your spine. Providing a moderate level of pressure, this particular soft-density Track Ball is suitable for individuals starting a recovery/rehab program.

- To gently relieve muscle tension and stiffness in the neck and back

- Ergonomically designed to roll out and release troublesome trigger points surrounding the spine

- Helps break up soft tissue adhesions (fascia and scar tissue) responsible for tight and aching muscles

- Improves range of motion of spinal joints and reduces chance of recurring back & neck pain

- Can also be used on feet, calves, hip flexors, adductors, hamstrings and shoulders

- Free of rubber/latex - safe for rubber allergy sufferers

- 40+ exercises included, designed by Massage Therapist

MASSAGE Trigger point therapy for myosfascial release. Assists in muscle pain relief and relaxation.

REHAB Overall mobility & injury prevention. Recommended for pre/rehab and joint function.

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