Find the perfect massage roller for your needs. If you are starting a recovery program, gentle full-foam rollers like our Fascial Release Rollers are the way to go, especially if you intend on using them directly on your spine. If however you are seeking strong muscle compression, you might prefer to use hollow rollers like our XRollers. With a strong inner core, they will feel a lot firmer than the classic full-foam rollers. Finally, if you're after a deep tissue massage that also provides a great trigger point action, opt for one of our spiky Massage Therapy Rollers.

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Make sure to always listen to your body and avoid going too hard by controlling the amount of body weight pressure applied. Remember, massages can be uncomfortable at times due to knots and fascia adhesions, but they should never feel too painful that they become unbearable.

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PTP XRoller Silver PTP XRoller Silver secundary

XRoller Silver

PTP XRoller Black PTP XRoller Black secundary

XRoller Black

PTP XRoller Camo PTP XRoller Camo secundary

XRoller Camo