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FlexiBand Large (Lime)Recommended for heights more than 190 cm/6’2''


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Perform greater stretches with control, lengthen muscles and prevent joint stiffness with the PTP FlexiBand. The special woven fabric with limited elasticity allows you to hold stretched positions within appropriate joint range and without strain, making it perfect to warm-up and recover faster after a workout. By enabling full muscle relaxation, stretching with a FlexiBand can have a positive impact on overall performance. The Large FlexiBand measures 115 cm and is designed for individuals taller than 190 cm. Extremely compact, you can slip it in your gym bag or luggage for a quick stretching session, where and whenever needed. Over 40 exercises are included to let you perform stretches that target your hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, abductors, shoulders, back, chest, glutes, arms and more.

- To lenghten muscles and prevents joint stiffness & cramping

- Ideal for both upper and lower body flexibility and injury prevention

- Suits individuals taller than 190 cm (6'2'')

- Comes with over 40 exercises to maximise results

- Made from a special woven material with resisted elasticity

- Travel-friendly, perfect on long-haul flights to stretch and relax muscles

FLEXIBILITY. Stretching and body toning. To lengthen muscles and increase range of motion.

REHAB. Overall mobility & injury prevention. Recommended for pre/rehab and joint function.

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